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  Demolish Stubborn Belly Fat, Get Your Fight Back AND Push Your Mind and Body to the Brink Using the Incredible Sweat-Inducing Workouts found ONLY in The Metabolic Warrior Workout Program

From the lap top of Parth Shah...

A new UFC gym is scheduled to open up in my neighborhood. They have started their enrollment process, and people are already lining up to join. Even a friend of a friend named Jay...has signed up.

Now, the interesting thing about Jay is that he once came to workout with me. My friend Dominic brought him to one of our insane backyard workouts, and he was complaining and cursing the entire time.

Dominic tells me that even when they’re in the gym, doing something as simple as bicep curls, Jay does 2 sets and calls it quits.

...my girlfriend (who barely has time to pick her nose) trains harder than Jay.

So when I heard that Jay signed up to join the new UFC gym, I nearly crapped my pants with laughter. How in the world was a guy who couldn’t even do 2 sets of bicep curls going to survive a UFC workout?

This new place costs $175 per month!

What would motivate a guy like Jay to pay $175 per month to join a UFC gym when he hasn’t completed a full workout in his entire life?

I’ll tell you why...
We all want to believe that we ARE greater than who we really are..

Many times, living in this sort of mindset causes us to make extremely stupid decisions.

For example, when you walk into a supplement store, the salesman sells you on the idea that YOU can achieve the body of a bodybuilder or a sports athlete, as long as you buy this super cool new protein powder.

Another example would be a car dealership. The best ones are great at selling you cars that you really don’t need and are not within your budget. They find out what you fantasize about - say driving in a convertible with the top down with a beautiful lady next to you...

You get the point.
You get sold on the FANTASY than the actual car.

Most of us buy the product but never put in the work to actually achieve the fantasy that we set up for ourselves because well...it’s a fantasy and not really a goal..

When I was training with my buddies in my backyard, we were competing against each other. There was a specific goal that we were moving towards...and that goal was to beat the other guy.

Even though fat loss might be your goal, the idea of losing 20 pounds, or even 10 pounds might be too much for your mind to comprehend. If you’ve struggled to lose fat your entire life, it may be difficult for you to wrap your mind around the fact that you can actually achieve this goal.

This is why setting a goal specific to the workout that you’re performing is a much better than just thinking about what you’ll look like with six pack abs. You are basically counting your chickens before you get a baby chick.

If you don’t BELIEVE you’ll achieve those abs, then you’ll never finish the workout. Furthermore, if the workout is so hard that the entire goal is to simply FINISH the workout. Your mind set ceeds to change!

Now it’s about survival...

Now it’s about pushing your body....

Now it’s about seeing what you’re capable of...mentally...physically...and emotionally!

This is why MMA workouts and bootcamp workouts are so popular! No one is trying to become a fighter or join the military.. The point of the workouts is to push yourself to a different level of fitness.

When people are training like a fighter for that half hour or hour that they’re training, they FEEL like they’re a fighter. They believe they are someone other than themselves!

Now I get why Jay was so eager to join up...

...and I hope he sticks to it!

The good news is that you don’t have to join a $175 per month UFC gym to train like a fighter. You can do it with our brand spankin’ new Metabolic Warrior Workout....

This is a 4-week program designed to boost your metabolic rate, and push your body beyond your current fitness level. It comes with 3 workouts that will leave you gasping for air and your body  screaming for sweet relief!

Lets go over each of the 3 workouts.

Workout A - Metabolic Rounds of Torture

Championship UFC fights are 5 rounds long, with each round lasting 5 minutes, and 1 minute rest in between each round. This workout is formatted in a similar format, without only one exception -
 instead of 5 rounds, you will perform 3 rounds total!

Each round features a different set of exercises designed to kick your butt. You can rest during your 5 minute interval, but it will count against you. The entire focus is to perform as many rounds in your 5 minute interval as possible.

The reason why we’re only doing 3 rounds is because 5 rounds is going to be HARD! In fact, going through the first round is going to take a lot out of you...especially since the 3 exercises you perform will target your entire body.

Workout B - Metabolic Explosive Mass

Day two is going to be all about building lean muscle mass. Fighters focus primarily on their posterior chain (hips, glutes, hamstrings, lower back). You will be approaching this workout accordingly. No heavy bench pressing here!

Heavy lifts are important to building muscle...but when you want EXPLOSIVE muscle...the kind that helps you kick fast, move swiftly, and produce a knockout punch...then you have to train with explosive lifts.

The great thing is that when you go hard and heavy on these explosive lifts, not only do you build explosive power, but build lean muscle mass...

Train like a fighter to pack on explosive mass!

Workout C - Metabolic Endurance Intervals

In the last workout of the week, you will focus on staying power AKA muscular endurance.

The workout begins with interval training.

Interval training is normally performed at the END of the workout. However...when you’re fighting in the ring, you never know when you’ll be required to unleash your fury on your opponent.

Starting the workout with interval training will shock your body and force it to adapt in a new way.

This interval training is followed by 2 short circuits designed to test your mental and physical capabilities.

and...that’s it!

So get the program if YOU are serious about pushing your body to the limit should have - the Gladiator Body Workout Metabolic Warrior Workout.

Bonus Products Information – This Package comes with 3 Incredible Bonuses:

Ultimate Gymless Workout General Fitness Super Bonus #1 – ($17 value)

After pushing yourself through the high intensity workouts presented in Metabolic Warrior Workout, you're going to want to ramp down the intensity a bit. This is why I've included the Ultimate Gymless Workout General Fitness Workout!

The General Fitness Workout improves all the physical abilities needed for a high-level of fitness WITHOUT NEGLECTING your fat loss, strength and muscle building goals.

So, all the gains you experienced with the Metabolic Warrior Workout will NOT be lost to you when you put yourself through this fat loss bodyweight workout!


Extreme Dumbbell Fitness General Fitness Workout Super Bonus #2 – ($17 value)

Instead of using bodyweight movements, if you would like to stick to dumbbell exercises after the Metabolic Warrior Workouts, you can also choose the Extreme Dumbbell Fitness General Fitness Workout.

This is essentially the same as the bodyweight version, except for the fact that you will be training with dumbbells. You already know that training to improve your PERFORMANCE is the fastest way to fit, athletically muscular, lean body most people want! So, you can expect muscle gain and fat loss as a RESULT of this workout.

Wether you choose the dumbbell version or the bodyweight version, know that you always have options on which direction to take your workouts!

Extreme Dumbbell Fitness Build Your Own Workout Super Bonus #3 – ($17 value)

What could be better then building your own workouts? Program design is tough - trust me, it takes a lot of figuring stuff out, tweaking, and getting creative...

However in this program, Coach Eddie Lomax has already built templates you can use to build your own workouts. The B.Y.O.W system allows you to quickly create highly-effective, full-body workouts you can perform as independent workouts, or build into a full 4 week training program.

You’ll never be left wanting for a dumbbell only workout again… This is perfect for the “do-it-yourselfer” who wants to follow a proven workout structure.  Piece together your workout using 10 different “Power Circuits”, 5 different “Core Super Sets” and 5 different “Metabolism Boosting Intervals”

“So, How Much is this Going to Cost Me??”

You may be thinking, “If other trainers are charging $97 and UP for A WORKOUT that loses its effectiveness after 4-8 weeks, what’s this TRAINING PROGRAM I can use for a lifetime going to set me back?”

Well, put your fears to rest, I’m going to make you a spectacular offer!

If you were to purchase each of these workouts separately, they would cost you $78:

Metabolic Warrior Workout...$27

UGW General Fitness Workout...$17

EDF General Fitness Workout...$17

EDF Build Your Own Workout...$17

...If you order them TOGETHER right now, it will ONLY cost $27 for everything! (That’s a HUGE $51 savings!)

Good luck with your results!

- Parth Shah

P.S. There is NO RISK at all for you to try Metabolic Warrior Workout. If you aren't thrilled with the this program in 60 days, let us know and we'll refund your order. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

P.P.S. Grab your copy today, because I’m not sure how long I’m going to offer this workout at such a low price. After all, in the past, folks have paid up to $39.95 to get access to this program!

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