Attention: Do You Want The Strong, Muscular, Athletic Body Of A Modern Day Gladiator?

“If You Can Break Out Of The ‘Bodybuilding Mindset’, You Can Take Your Fitness To Unseen Heights, Mercilessly Strip Away Fat & Truly Build The Muscular Body Of A Modern Day Gladiator… Simply By COMBINING Bodyweight & Dumbbell Exercises”

“Heck, I’ll Even Show You How To EXCEED Your Fitness, Fat Loss & Physique Building Goals And Excel Above & Beyond What You’ve Ever Dreamed Of Before!”

Introducing, The Gladiator Body Workout…

Hey, Coach Lomax here.

I find it hard to believe that if you are reading this you have no knowledge of physical training.  Most of you have read articles, took part in a Physical Education class at school, competed in a sport, joined a gym, read a book, watched a video, etc.

If I were looking for a jury that had no previous knowledge of physical training... I think I would be in big trouble.

So, I believe it is safe to say you are entering this program with some preconceived notions of how to train, lose fat, build muscle, etc.  And that’s fine.  Just don’t let it get in the way!

Think of me as the judge, and you are part of the jury in the case of the Gladiator Body Workout.  

I am directing you to forget everything you have learned about physical training.  Clean the slate.  

After all, I don’t think you would be reading this if you have already created the athletic, muscular, ripped body of your dreams. So, I am confident in my belief that the information you already know is not getting the results you want.  

You must make room for new information, and put it into practice.

Also, as your judge, I am also directing you to think about and analyze everything you are about to read and perform. Give the information a chance to sink in, but still examine everything.

If you understand the information, and decide it is worth trying, you will be much more likely to put it into practice. Because, after all, it is the training you DO that gets results... not the training you THINK about.

Question everything... and come to your own conclusions. Only then will the power of personal belief support the action you take in your training!  And if you believe in the training... you will be much more likely to stick with it and get the RESULTS you seek.

It is hard for me to write these lines, because with my coaching outlook I would much rather say, “Do what I tell you, when I tell you!”

This normally works for me, because when people do what I tell them, instead of questioning everything and strongly resisting any change to their current training program... they get RESULTS!  And when someone is getting results, they are much less likely to question the methods.

It always amazes me how some people defend a position, and resist any change, when what they are doing isn’t getting the results they want.  I don’t care if you believe what you are doing SHOULD work... I’m after real world results.  If your training is not getting the results you seek it’s not working.  And if it doesn’t work, throw it out!

I’m giving you the hard task of opening your mind to new ideas about creating an athletic, ripped physique and taking your training in a new direction.  A direction that leads to the athletic, gladiator body you want.  But don’t just blindly follow me or anyone else, make you own judgments based on your own experience.

If you are successful in doing this, I have no doubt you will walk away with an unanimous verdict.


OK... have you gotten rid of all your preconceived notions about physical training and creating a gladiator body?

I know... an impossible task, but humor me.

Now let’s start filling you with the information that will help you start training for your gladiator body goals... and create that lean, athletic, muscular body that turns heads and gains respect!

The Take-Away... Give the Gladiator Body Workout a chance to work by emptying your mind of preconceived notions, and get the most out the experience by analyzing everything and understand the “why” of the training!

The Goal of the Gladiator Body Workout

Let’s face facts…

You would not be reading this if you were completely satisfied with your body!

You want something to be different…

You want to lose the fat covering your athletic physique.
You want to make your muscles bigger, and your belly smaller.
You want to get lean, and stay functional.
Maybe, you want to feel better in your body, and perform the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence.

Am I right?

When you look in the mirror and don't like what you see, you need to make the decision to do something about it. Now, the question is, will you focus on fat loss, or muscle mass?

You want BOTH don't you?

But, creating the body you want is more than making it bigger or smaller.  Most likely, a smaller version of yourself is not all it takes to create the athletic, lean, strong body you’re after.

So, think about it for a second…

Is losing X number of pounds of fat all you need to do to create the head turning, eye popping body that leaves both friends and foes envious?

If you’re already lean, then you know what I’m talking about. It takes more than eliminating fat to have the gladiator-style, athletic body that looks great both with clothes on and off.

RE-SHAPE your Body

...this is no small task, so I’m not going to lie to you. Reshaping your body is going to take some work. The Gladiator Body Workout is not a watered down training program created to look good on the pages of some fitness magazine.

If you want the athletic, gladiator body exemplified by many professional athletes and Hollywood stars, you have to be willing to put in the effort.

But I assure you the benefits are worth it.  Not only will you look great, and feel more confident, but you will be healthier and fitter!

Are you ready to get started?

Great, I applaud your enthusiasm, but there are a few things we must go over before I explain the Gladiator Body Workout.

In the next few moments, I’ll discuss the 4 common problems most men and women have that keep them from reaching their goals.

The Take-Away... The Gladiator Body Workout is designed to RESHAPE your body.  This is not a miracle, fad workout, but rather a complete training program to systematically create the functional, cut, and aethetically appealling body you’ve always wanted.

How the Gladiator Body Workout Works

I’m about to show you…

Here Is What Your Workout Program Is Missing…

You’re about to learn the “SECRET” to optimum fitness and FINALLY getting the fitness, appearance and health results you want from your exercise program. (OK, maybe it’s not a secret… but so few people understand or talk about this that it might as well be!)

Here’s the thing…

So few people understand fitness (even people in the fitness industry), that it is no wonder the majority of workout programs out there don’t produce results worth talking about. As a matter of fact, most workout programs focus on such a small portion of fitness, that the training is actually DETRIMENTAL to getting spectacular results!

So, the first thing you need to know is… What is fitness?

Here is my definition of fitness:

Fitness is the acceptable and deliberate compromise of competence and ability to perform in all the areas of cardiorespiratory endurance, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, accuracy and toughness to produce optimum performance results under the greatest amount of circumstances.

A mouthful, I know. But you didn’t expect me to define something as complex as fitness by saying, “Fitness is being fit” did you?

The point is, there is a lot going on when training for fitness (and the athletically muscular, lean, high-performance body that is a RESULT of being fit!)

OK, here is the “secret”:

Optimum Fitness, Fat Loss And Physique Building Is NOT The Result Of “Bodybuilding” Resistance Training And Steady-State Aerobic Exercise!

There, I said it!

I already told you how the “Bodybuilding Culture” has trained us to think of exercise in terms of muscles, not movement… and what a mistake that is. But it gets even worse…

Separately building muscle like a bodybuilder and improving heart and lung function for long, slow exercise is NOT the magic formula for the kind of fitness or body most people want. (Just think about all the workouts based on this formula you’ve done… and how many failed to produce the RESULTS you wanted!)

The truth is, optimum fitness (and the attractive body that represents fitness), is not only a result of training the physical abilities that make up fitness. (If that was the case, I would have stopped with the Optimum Fitness & Physique System). But to truly be fit you must be able to USE the abilities of fitness in an fluid, seamless and coordinated fashion under the greatest amount of circumstances.

I think some examples are in order…

Imagine the kind of fitness a fireman need to run up 7 flights of stairs carrying his heavy and awkward gear, and then having to break down a door with an axe and give CPR to a victim.

•Think about the kind of fitness a law enforcement officer need to chase down a criminal, wrestle him/her to the ground, cuff them and then have the mental fortitude to read them their rights.

Or what about the soldier who must cross enemy territory carrying 60 pounds of gear and weapons and then composing themselves enough to fire their weapon with accuracy.

Now, I know these extreme situations are not something most of us (thankfully) have to face. But the point is, the fitness these individuals need to successfully carry out their tasks with skill and success is based on a wide combination of physical abilities and the fluid, seamless and coordination fashion in which they are performed.

It is not…

(Insert your best “Robot Voice” as you read this)

- I will travel this distance at an aerobic pace in my target heart rate zone… now.
- I will use my biceps to lift this object using an isolated movement… now.
- I will propel the object using my Type II muscle fibers… now.

Come on… your body just doesn’t function like that!

And if you want to train your body to act as one complete unit, with seamless coordination of muscles, aerobic and anaerobic energy systems and mental clarity under stress… YOU MUST TRAIN IT THAT WAY!

And the best part is that when you train your body for extreme fitness, your body makes physical changes that makes you LOOK GREAT! (MORE muscle and LESS fat!)

The Gladiator Body Workout is based on one key principle: Exercise is about MOVEMENT!

  • You are either moving your own body around (squatting, pushing, pulling, twisting, jumping, etc.), or…
  • You are moving weighted objects around (lifting, pushing, pulling, etc.) often with either one arm at a time, or in an alternating fashion
By combining Bodyweight and Dumbbell exercises, you re-train your body to MOVE like an athlete, achieving the results you desire. This is a POWERFUL combination that is sadly underused!

Let’s look at the benefits of bodyweight exercise and dumbbell exercise a little more closely…

Why YOU Should Be Using
Bodyweight And Dumbbell Exercises…

Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercise

  • Bodyweight training can be done anywhere and at anytime, without costly gym memberships or expensive equipment. You have unlimited access to the gym you were born with!
  • Exercising using the resistance of your own bodyweight packs on strong, lean muscles in all the right places. You create a body that truly is as strong as it looks!
  • Improving how your body moves prepares you for ALL the challenges of sport, work and life. Bodyweight training creates the kind of fitness you can use EVERY DAY to live life to the fullest!
  • Bodyweight exercises reduce the common ailments of inactivity – like back pain, stiff shoulders and neck and poor posture. You actually feel younger and with more energy!
  • Bodyweight training is the foundation of EVERY other type of physical exercise and should be mastered to get the most out of ANY training method you use. Not only does bodyweight exercises improve your ability to move your own bodyweight… but builds a strong base from which ALL your training can flourish!


Benefits Of Dumbbell Exercise

  • Dumbbells allow you to take advantage of the phenomenon called “Bilateral Deficit” which allows you to recruit more muscle and lift more weight with one limb. Using heavier weights means BIGGER MUSCLES!
  • Using dumbbells for unilateral training (one-limb training), is more effective for burning fat than the two-limb versions of the same exercise. Burning MORE FAT per workout means you reach your fat loss goals FASTER!
  • Dumbbell exercise builds a stronger core than crunches, sit ups and other common abdominal exercises. Every time you use dumbbells you automatically get a SIX-PACK abdominal workout!
  • You can use dumbbells to get a full body muscular and cardio workout at the same time. So you SIMULTANEOUSLY build muscle, burn fat and improve heart and lung power!
  • Dumbbell training is more versatile than other training methods, making it responsible for more REAL-WORLD BENEFITS. You build extreme fitness and a powerful physique you can use both IN and OUT of the gym!

Just Imagine The Power Of COMBINING
Bodyweight Exercises And Dumbbell Exercises…

Gladiator Body WorkoutAs you can see, BOTH bodyweight exercise and dumbbell exercise are excellent choices for reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique building goals. But COMBINED they compliment each other and become even MORE EFFECTIVE! (Specially when they are put into a comprehensive training program like I provide).

I’m sure by now you’re interested in finding out what the Gladiator Body Workout is all about. And in a minute I’m going to show you everything you need to know to decide whether this powerful program is right for you and your goals.

But first…

“What Do You Mean You Didn’t Get
The RESULTS You Wanted From
Your Last Workout Program?”

You’re about to learn why you probably FAILED to reach your fitness, fat loss and physique goals with your last or present workout program. (Or why you are more likely to EXCEED your goals with my programs!)

You see, I’m sure when you close your eyes you have a mental picture of what you want the RESULTS to be of your workouts…

- There is most likely a specific way you want to look (fit, athletically muscular and without fat)…
- There is most likely a specific way you want to perform (like when you were younger, better than your peers and better than your competition)…
- There is most likely a specific way you want to feel (healthy, energetic and ready to get the most out of life)…

But unfortunately…

The Workout You Are Doing Isn’t Designed
To Produce The RESULTS You Want!

I know, it’s shocking. But it’s true! Let me explain…

There are normally two kinds of workouts people do:

- Workouts to burn fat
- And workouts to build muscle

But here is the problem…

JUST Burning Fat Or JUST Building Muscle Will NEVER Result In The Fit, Lean, Athletically Muscular Body You Picture When You Close Your Eyes!

Just think about it…

Gladiator Body WorkoutIf you lost all the fat you wanted, but didn’t have the athletic physique UNDER the fat ALREADY, you won’t end up looking the way you want.

If you built all the muscle you wanted, but it was COVERED with ugly fat, you also won’t end up looking the way you want.

And in either case, JUST losing fat or JUST building muscles isn’t going to result in the physical abilities needed to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence, or provide the health to live a long, happy life.

One, narrowly focused workout isn’t enough to improve fitness, burn off unwanted fat, build athletic muscle and make the physical changes necessary for you to create your “dream body”.

So, here is what I propose…

Use A Series Of 4 Week Workouts That FOCUS On Specific APPEARANCE, PERFORMANCE And HEALTH Goals While Continuing To Move You Closer To Your ULTIMATE GOAL!

The best way to explain what I mean is to show you what the Gladiator Body Workout: Optimum Fitness & Physique System is all about…

The Optimum Fitness & Physique System

Component #1: General Fitness Workout

Gladiator Body Workout General Fitness WorkoutThe General Fitness Workout improves all the physical abilities needed for a high-level of fitness WITHOUT NEGLECTING your fat loss, strength and muscle building goals.

As a matter of fact… Training to improve your PERFORMANCE is the fastest way to fit, athletically muscular, lean body most people want! So, you can expect muscle gain and fat loss as a RESULT of this workout.

This 4-Week program is the perfect place for everyone to start...even if you've NEVER lifted a weight before! The program is designed to prep your body for the tougher Fat Loss and Strenght & Size Workouts which are to follow....




Component #2: Fat Loss Workout

Gladiator Body Workout Fat Loss WorkoutThe Fat Loss Workout blowtorches off performance robbing, physique destroying fat WITHOUT NEGLECTING your general fitness, strength and muscle building goals.

And I’m not going to lie to you…

These workouts are designed to burn tons of fat both DURING and AFTER the workout… which means they are going to call upon all your strength and conditioning! I’d expect to keep all your hard earned muscle and skyrocket cardiorespiratory endurance as well as slim dowm.

Most training programs which focus on fat loss do a TERRIBLE job of helping you maintain your hard-earned strength and muscle. Not the case with the Gladiator Body Fat Loss Workout.


Component #3: Strength & Size Workout

Gladiator Body Workout Strength and Size WorkoutThe Strength & Size Workout increases muscular strength and size WITHOUT NEGLECTING your general fitness and fat loss goals.

And before you ask… This program is NOT designed just to “pump up” your muscles. These workouts are designed to build strong, lean, athletic muscle that looks great AND you can use! Expect to put on muscle that compliments your fitness abilities and keeps the fat off. (Now you’re really starting to look like a Gladiator!)

If you're looking for ATHLETIC fitness, then bodybuilding workouts will just get you big, but will not build funtional and strong muscle. With this Strength & Size workout, you're building muscle that is designed to help you move faster and more powerfully in your sport and daily life.



Component #4: Build Your Own Workout

Gladiator Body Workout BYOW WorkoutThe B.Y.O.W system allows you to quickly create highly-effective, full-body workouts you can perform as independent workouts, or build into a full 4 week training program.

You’ll never be left wanting a combined bodyweight calisthenics workout again…

This is perfect for the “do-it-yourselfer” who wants to follow a proven workout structure. Piece together your workout using 10 different “Power Circuits”, 5 different “Core Super Sets” and 5 different “Metabolism Boosting Intervals”!

The Build Your Own Workout will help your own workouts for years to come. I show you exactly how to piece together a customized workout for your specific needs.



I've put together this GIANT package because...

You can’t expect one workout to result in ALL the fitness and physique improvements you want. (There isn’t one workout that can do everything you need). But ROTATING between a SERIES of workouts that focus on specific improvements WITHOUT losing sight of the ULTIMATE GOAL can!

This system of workouts keeps you on a steady path of improvement that has one single destination… the fit, athletic, lean body that performs as good as it looks!

But I Couldn’t Just Stop There,
I Had To Push Bodyweight and Dumbbell Training To The Absolute Limit!

Look, I’ll be honest…

I could have stopped there. The workouts in The Optimum Fitness & Physique System use bodyweight exercises and dumbbell movements for maximum effect. And frankly, they can keep you busy for a lifetime! (Just keep rotating between the workouts and IMPROVING!)

And I can assure you’ll be a different person after going through all the workouts. And by “different” I mean BETTER!


- Improve all the physical abilities needed for life-changing fitness…
- Create the lean, muscular physique of a champion athlete that turns heads…
- And improve health and energy to live life to the fullest!

But once you’ve improved fitness, built muscle and burned off fat… where do you go from there?

Is there really a “secret” to taking your fitness to previously unreached heights, eliminating stubborn fat and building a rock solid body?

There is...

The best way to explain what I mean is to show you what the Gladiator Body Workout: Above & Beyond Package is all about…

The Above & Beyond Package
Rounds of fury

Component #1: R.O.F. Workout (Rounds Of Fury)

The Rounds Of Fury Workouts are a collection of 13 different kinds of TIMED ROUNDS to build the combined muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance and mental toughness of elite fighters, martial artists and Mixed Martial Arts fighters.

And did I mention… These workouts are a full-body assault that eliminates stubborn fat while building strong, lean muscle! These super-charged workouts are closer to having a wrestling match with yourself than “traditional” workouts.

I've wrestled in high school, and I know what wrestling with another human being feels like. It's EXHAUSTING. So you can only imagine what these timed rounds feel like!

Component #2: Juggernaut Workout (The 21-15-9 Strength Trilogy)

The Juggernaut Workout is designed to turn you into an “Unstoppable Crushing Force”. You’ll do three different workouts using different 21-15-9 rep schemes combined with different “Energy System Training”.

This is where the rubber meets the road… Combining your Resistance Training and Energy System Training in this way means 2 things:

- You get more REAL WORLD fitness benefits you can SEE, FEEL and USE in the fastest time ever…
- And you don’t have to do any extra “cardio”!

( I thought you would like that!)

Component #3: U.N.I.T. Workout (Utterly Nasty Interval Training)

The Utterly Nasty Interval Training Workout creates an unbreakable bond between muscular strength, cardiorespiratory endurance and mental toughness by performing alternating intervals of Resistance Training and Energy System Training.

I’m going to apologize in advance… Your going to have a Love-Hate relationship with me and these workouts. You’re going to LOVE me for excellent fitness, fat loss and physique building RESULTS you get. But your going to HATE me for coming up with such a “nasty” training program!

Do you see how the Above And Beyond Package picks up where the Optimum Fitness & Physique System leaves off?

When you get to these workouts it marks the transition from “looking fit” and “BEING FIT”!

I think you can understand why I got so enthusiastic when putting these bodyweight exercise and calisthenics programs together. If I just gave you the Optimum Fitness & Physique System, there would have been something missing. But if I just gave you the Above & Beyond Package, you wouldn’t have built the fitness and physique necessary to get the most out of the more extreme workouts.

But by providing both, you can use one to improve performance, appearance and health AND then transition into the workouts that set you apart from the rest!

OK, Let’s Get To The “Nitty Gritty”
Of What I’m Offering

I’m offering you this incredible Gladiator Body Workout, which combines bodyweight and dumbbell exercises into a comprehensive workout training program, for an incredibly low price and at a fraction of it’s true value. I mean, if I just charged a MODEST $10 per workout, the price would be over $270! (There are more than 27 workouts included, and an infinite amount if you count the Build Your Own Workouts you can create!)

But don’t worry, it’s not going to cost you anywhere near that much!


Put Your Mind At Ease With My 100%
No-Worries Money Back Guarantee!

Order now and try the workouts for up to a FULL 60 Days! If you’re not convinced you’re fitter, stronger, leaner and generally BETTER because of the workouts… just contact me and I’ll refund the ENTIRE cost of the workout package! No questions asked.

“YES, I Want To Build An Attractive, High-Performance Body With Bodyweight & Dumbbell Exercises By Taking Immediate And Relentless ACTION Now!”

Gladiator Body Workout Package

YES! I want to SYSTEMATICALLY improve fitness, burn fat and build an athletically muscular body that PERFORMS and LOOKS great by following the Optimum Fitness & Physique System!

YES! I want to take my functional strength, cardiorespiratory endurance and mental conditioning to the HIGHEST level by challenging myself with the Above & Beyond Package!

YES! I want to be able to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence by using both bodyweight and dumbbell exercises to train both weighted and un-weighted MOVEMENTS… to build real-world strength, endurance and coordination!

YES! I want my friends, co-workers and family to ask “What gym did you join?” and be SHOCKED to learn I built my best body in the comfort of my own home!

YES! I understand if I am not TOTALLY happy with the workout programs or the results I get within the first 60 DAYS, I can get a FULL REFUND, no questions asked!

YES! I know that if I order RIGHT NOW I’m getting $270 worth of COMBINED Bodyweight & Dumbbell Workouts organized into a proven, result getting training system for ONLY $27!

Get Gladiator Body Workout Now!

Immediate Delivery: The ENTIRE Gladiator Body Workout package is delivered IMMEDIATELY as one zip file after your payment has been authorized… no matter where you are in the world or what time you order!

Can Be Read On Any Computer: All the workouts, workbooks and bonuses are PDF files that can be read with the free Adobe Reader on either Windows or Mac computers. No physical products will be shipped.

Can be printed: I highly recommend printing off the workbook journal sheets for easy reference and to keep track of your progress. After all… your success should be documented!

To Your Success,
Coach Eddie Lomax
Founder & President of:
Optimum Fitness Network LLC
Contact Me Here


p.s. Don’t forget, you get The Optimum Fitness & Physique System and The Above & Beyond Package downloaded to your computer right now for only $27! Act Now!

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